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Lost cellphone leads investigators to child predator

According to investigators, a lost cellphone that helped put a man behind bars on child sex abuse charges.

Mike Chandler, 56, was arrested Thursday and charged with child sodomy, possession of child pornography and using a minor in a sexual performance.

Investigators with the Attorney General’s Cyber Crimes Unit said a stranger found Chandler’s phone last month in South Louisville and discovered images so disturbing the police were contacted.

According to police documents, one video on the phone appeared to be Chandler sodomizing a minor child. After being read his rights, the documents reveal, “Chandler admitted to committing the sexual assault on a child. He also admitted to recording the assault.”

Attorney General Andy Beshear released a statement reading in part, “I want to thank our cyber investigators for their hard work…and I want to especially thank the individual who notified our office of the iPhone that led to the arrest of Chandler. This individual’s actions helped us take another predator off our streets.”

Chandler remains at Metro Corrections on a $100,000 cash bond.

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